Pediatric Dentistry


sedation for pediatric patients…

Children are ideal candidates for in-office sedation.  Does your child fear the dentist or the sound of the drill? IV-Sedation can be a useful adjunct to dental treatment for the fearful or uncooperative child. A child’s fear of painful dental treatment and multiple local anesthesia injections can result in a life long fear of the dentist. IV-Sedation in the office will safely alleviate any fear and anxiety.  Most children require only one appointment with IV Sedation to address all the necessary dental treatment.

Is IV-Sedation Safe?

Yes, anesthesia is very safe.  Modern anesthetics have minimal to no side effects, especially when administered by a trained professional.  Our anesthesiologists carry state-of-the-art anesthesia equipment and all medications administered are safely dosed according to the child. Additionally, our anesthesiologists monitor your child throughout the procedure and recovery in accordance with the American Society of Anesthesiology (ASA) guidelines for sedation monitoring.

Have you worked with Children before?

Yes, we have! In fact, the majority of our practice is dedicated to children. Our anesthesiologists are able to gain a quick rapport with children which helps ease their anxiety almost immediately.  Your Anesthesiologist will discuss the plan for the procedure with the parent/guardian the night before the appointment to ensure parent/guardian are fully informed of the anesthetic plan and to minimize questions in front of your child. 

Also, as a result of the high volume of pediatric patients, our Anesthesiologists have very close relationships with our participating Pediatric Dentists. This helps to facilitate for the best treatment for your child. The Anesthesiologist and Pediatric Dentist work closely together to ensure the child is sedated for the least amount of time necessary to complete the dental treatment.

Can I be in the room with my Child?

Our policy does not allow for parents to be in the dental treatment room with their child during sedation.  The Anesthesiologist, the Dentist, and at least 1 other caregiver will be with your child during the entire procedure.  It is often stressful for parents to witness their child’s medical or dental treatments causing an emotionally distracting environment for the providers. 

What are the Advantages of IV-Sedation for my Child?

The biggest advantage to sedation for pediatrics is the overall dental experience for the child.  Most children have fear and anxiety for dental treatment.  Using in-office sedation the child has a more pleasurable experience while receiving necessary dental care.  In addition, once your child is asleep all treatment, including  x-rays, fillings, crowns, extractions, and cleanings can be completed in one appointment.